Who we are

We are an American holding company specializing in business expansion, acceleration and development, improvement of processes and internationalization of trademarks.

We have knowledge and experience in internationally recognized set of methodologies as well as our own nationally recognized methodologies. With this knowledge, we develop our projects with our own unique, exclusive and innovative method.

We are in the market for 15 and have already helped dozens of businesses in several counties such as the U.S.A., Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Mozambique, Angola, Venezuela, Japan and Australia. We believe that a great business is made up of a set of good ideas, purpose and mainly people who believe in what they do!

Our mission is to find these people and help them make these businesses bigger.

Experience & Knowledge

  • Fred Ferreira

    Business Expansion Specialist

    Entrepreneur, lecturer, communicator, writer and CEO of Rocket Holding, Fred Ferreira has in his portfolio, the experience of having created, managed or rebuilt more than 40 companies, entrepreneurship and overcoming that started to be honed when he was 16 years old upon opening his first company generating great lessons and dozens of cases of success.

    With an original methodology, Fred has helped entrepreneurs expand their businesses in an efficient manner, and has been in the forefront of the opening of more than 400 stores in different countries in the last 5 years.

  • Leandro Pontoni

    Business Management Specialist

    Leandro has a degree in Production Engineering, with post-graduation in Business Management, specialization in Processes and Continuous Improvement, and, during his career, has been professionally certified in methodology by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

    Through his knowledge, he has worked in large companies such as the Ford Motor Company, Itaú-Unibanco Group and the Pão de Açucar Group, always formatting and developing in areas of Operational Excellence, Process Improvement and Strategic Management.

    With 18 years of experience in the industrial, financial and retail sectors, he is a founding partner of Rocket Holding, performing strongly in Business Management and Processes.

Master Mind:

Cadu Dib
Telecom Expert

Cícero Costard
Economy Expert

Fernanda Ferreira
Media Expert

Fernanda Pontoni
Foreign Trade Expert

Giselle Sandra
Tourism and Hospitality Expert

Guilherme Tettamanti
Audiovisual Production Expert

Helder Pimenta
Marketing Expert

João Cesar Castro
IT Expert

Marcelo Masao
Logistic Expert

Pedro Meireles
Franchising Expert – Europe Area

Paulo Marcos
Food Expert

Renata Medeiros
Human Resources Expert

Sergio Tettamanti
Civil Engineering Expert

Ted Cunha
Commercial Automation Expert

Success Stories


Consulting and Services

Business Consulting

Consulting in existing businesses specialized in evaluate and optimize management processes, develop and implement tailored solutions that guarantee short term results and sustainability for corporations. We also help entrepreneurs with new businesses, from the business plan to the start of operations in the American territory.

Expansion Consulting

We conduct complete consultation for expansion of your business. Analysis of the “franchiseability”, expansion project, internationalization of trademarks, franchise formatting, structuring of your own network and everything you need to make your business grow!

Marketing Consulting

We perform specialized consultation in marketing and internal marketing, complete development of product line, from concept to packaging, reformulation of visual identity, trademarks, architectural projects and development of media and social media strategic plans.

Software Development

We count on a team for development of online, ERP and application software. Besides counting on a line of our own projects already developed, we also execute personalized projects for companies of diverse segments.

Virtual Office

We offer options of virtual plans that meet the necessities of your company. With economical virtual office plans, Rocket can meet the requirements of those who do not want to rent a fixed physical space, but wish to have a prestigious address for his business.

Partner Entrepreneurs and Investors

Rocket Holding has entrepreneurs and partners in diverse business segments and in various countries such as Brasil, Portugal and the United States.
Rocket Holding is looking for successful entrepreneurs that are seeking to expand their business mainly in Brasil and the U.S.
Rocket counts on a catalogue of investors active in the construction and management of a high performance business legacy.
Invest in Rocket Holding businesses and diversify your investment portfolio in several market segments and types of businesses in the US, Brasil and Europe.
Presently, Rocket Holding has more than 400 franchisees in businesses all over the world, in countries such as Brasil, Portugal, United States, Italy, Angola, Mozambique, Australia and Japan.
Become a franchisee in a Rocket business and be a successful entrepreneur.

Our contacts

Main office
610 Sycamore Street Suite 360 Celebration Florida

Phone: +1 321 939 4342